Product variety

At the moment we are in the early stages where the grapes have being planted. These trees were planted in spring 2018 and we are expecting first full harvest in 2021 

Product: Crimson seedless

Harvesting time: around 15 October- 15 December

Crimson is a slightly elongated light-red seedless grape with good levels of sweetness and an attractive appearance. The skin colour varies from pink to dark pink-red, often with a pale green stem-end.  The flesh is greenish-white and has a medium level of crispness, often with a satisfying crack.

Harvesting Calender
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Packing options

The capacity of our packinghouse is very extensive. This is one of the reasons how we meet the high demand. But not only speed is considered, whilst packed an extensive quality control is made along the way, insuring you as the client top quality.

Packaging options: we can offer a wide range of different types but following are standard:

  • Looseweight

  • Carry bags

  • Punnets

There is also the possibility of branding both with stickers on the punnet / carry bag as well as the box.