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Product variety

Jupiter Blue  -  Atlas Blue  -  Bianca Blue  -  Ventura  -  Suziblue  -  Camellia  -  Duke  -  Blue Ribbon  Top Shelf  -  Cargo  -  Draper -  Sekoya Grande  -  

Last Call  -  Sekoya Peach -  Liberty -  Sekoya Crunch  -  Aurora.

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The general characteristics of these vaiarities are following:

  • Medium - XLarge sizes

  • Good - high firmness

  • Mild flavour to well balanced to a sweet and juicy flavour

  • Lightblue - Mid blue

Why do we have different vaiarities? To maximize the quality control.

Instead of spreding your farms across the country due to climate we decided to have a higher control standard by planting the different vaiarities in one singel farm, allowing us to have fruits on the trees for a longer period in the same farm.

Harvesting Calender

In the calendar below you can see our projecions of harvest. These projections are taken from standards among other producers.

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Packing options

The capacity of our packinghouse is very extensive. This is one of the reasons how we meet the high demand. But not only speed is considered, whilst packed an extensive quality control is made along the way, insuring you as the client top quality.

Sizes we project to produce are from Medium to XLarge

Packaging options: we can offer a wide range of different types but following are standard:

  • Looseweight

  • Punnets

There is also the possibility of branding both with stickers on the punnets as well as the box.

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